24 hour cafes in and around London

New York may be the city that never sleeps but London is not too far behind. There is always something happening in London and due to shift patterns, travel and so many other factors, there is a rolling demand for places to eat and drink. When you have so many millions of people in one place, there is going to be a huge variety of demands raised by the people and it is no surprise to learn that there are a number of 24 hour cafes in London.

When you think about people who are staying out late but don't want to drink or gamble, there is a need for a late night cafe. When you think about people who work nights or who are starting work very early in the morning, there is a need for a 24 hour cafe. Add in insomniacs, people with babies and all of the other factors why people would be up at any hour of the day and you can see why a good 24 hour cafe in London can make money around the clock.

A 24 hour cafe that has had a film made about it

Anyone looking to find a 24 hour cafe that has a great reputation and is part of London life need look no further than the Blackheath Tea Hut. When there is a documentary made about a cafe, you know it has managed to have an impact on the life of many people. The location for the cafe, on a windswept heath, is hardly one that makes you think it is going to be accessible around the clock but people attend on a very regular basis, throughout the night and every single day. The documentary, Tea Time, was a charming insight into life in this cafe and it shows how these venues can play a strong role in the life of the community.

A 24 hour cafe in the heart of London, close to the tourist hotspots, would have to be Bar Italia. Again, this cafe has been captured in pop culture but this one does not have a film about it. Instead, it was sung about by Pulp, whose frontman Jarvis Cocker remains one of the most recognisable names and faces of the Britpop era. Pulp were about so much more than the majority of bands in this era but this was the time when they swept to fame and popularity. The song, released at the height of the band's success drew great attention to the cafe, ensuring it has been busy ever since.

Stay up all night in the west of the city

If you are in the west of the city, there is a great twenty four option in Hammersmith and Fulham. The name Vingt-Quatre gives the game away because this is French for 24! This is a rather stylish looking venue, which may put some people more in mind of a club and if you are looking to get into the venue in the small hours, you will find that there is door staff to navigate your way beyond. Once you are on the inside though you can relax in great surroundings and order from a wide range of restaurant and cafe products. Some people may be annoyed at the presence of door staff but given that they prevent undesirables from gaining access, it is easy to see why there is a benefit to having them present.

Anyone travelling to or from Liverpool Street Station will be delighted to know that there is a 24 hour cafe situated right at the entrance to the station. The Polo Bar is open seven days a week, twenty four hours a day and they provide you with an extensive range of coffees, teas and all-day breakfasts. Whether you are heading home from a great night out or you want to get a great breakfast to set you up for the day, this is a London restaurant that will not let you down.