The best WiFi cafes in London to use as a mobile office

London is a city where business is carried out at every hour of the day and it is a very important hub. This means that many people will be working in business away from their office or on their way to meet clients. Whether you are visiting London from your own city on business or pleasure or you are London based but out of the office, there will be many times when you feel as though you need to carry out some additional work.

The rise of laptops, netbooks and even tablets means that anyone can carry out work wherever they are. There are a number of word processing and spreadsheet programmes available for all manner of computer devices, which means that no matter where you are, you can work. The biggest issue for many people is connecting to the internet. Whether you want to check your emails, obtain and work on files that are saved in the cloud or even access your firm's intranet account, there is a need to be online when you work, which is often the problem. However, there are a growing number of WiFi options to choose from in London and cafes are a sensible choice.

For the price of a coffee or something to eat, you can gain access to the WiFi provided by a cafe. This will offer a relaxed setting and you can often find a comfortable seat and table. All of which means that you have everything you need to carry out work.

Sometimes opting for a big name makes sense

When it comes to knowing that there is an option wherever you are, it is hard to argue with choosing a major coffee chain. In London, these can appear on every street corner and you won't have to travel too far to find an option that is viable for you. You may not be the biggest fan of the firm but with free WiFi that lasts for 2 hours a session, Starbucks is a natural choice for anyone looking to be online when they work. You are able to have as many sessions as you want in a day, up to a maximum of 12 considering they last for 2 hours each, which means that you can really benefit from choosing Starbucks to have a coffee in. And if you decide to buy takeaway drinks from Starbucks, make sure to read our article on how to receive a discount each time.

Be cooler when you work in a cafe

If you are looking for something that is "cooler" and is buzzing with creativity, the BFI Cafe at the South Bank is an ideal location. This is in a fantastic setting, in the heart of London and close to the city, so you will find that it is convenient for many people. There is a real sense of art and creativity in this part of the city so if you want to feel inspired as you work, this would be a great location. When you need further inspiration, stepping outside to watch the Thames and the people beside it can give you an energy boost.

Somewhere else that is a little bit different comes with Ray's Jazz Cafe which is located in the west end of London. This is a bookshop cafe that offers WiFi and a very relaxed atmosphere. You will sometimes feel pressured into buying more coffee in some venues but in Rays, you can relax and ensure that you get your work complete. There will be an abundance of other workers in the cafe so you can expect to see the glow of iPads and laptops lighting up the cafe but if you are in this part of London, it is a great option.

If you are on the east side of London, the Monkey Bar is a deli and cafe that will provide you with what you need. One great benefit of working here is that there are plenty of power sockets on offer. This cafe also serves beer, so if you get all of your work completed, you can relax with a nice drink, although you should ensure that your work is complete before you start to celebrate too quickly!